iPetrolhead - iPhone app

iPetrolhead App FAQs


Q: I live outside the UK and want my reminders to reflect my countries legal requirements….can I change titles such as MOT?
A: iPetrolhead is a global car app so you can edit the titles to suit your country. You must change these before adding your car reminders.

Q: Can I edit reminder entries directly in my smart phone calendar?
A: At this time the calendar is not backwards compatible to the app but we are looking at this for future updates. We advise doing all entries within the app so you don’t end up with a bunch of old entries hanging around your smart phone calendars!

Q: Can I choose which calendar the app uses?
A: The app will use the default calendar set on the phone.

Q: How do I delete cars and reminders?
A: Slide from right to left and a delete box will appear. Be careful to delete all reminders from within app Alerts first before deleting car if you still have ios6 version.

Q: Does the app actually give reminders?
A: Yes it does! Here’s what happens….you add entries within app and then based on those dates the app will send you a reminder alert from your smart phone (at 12:00) at 30 days to go and then 7 days….no excuse to be driving around in a car without insurance etc!! In addition to this the app will change the alert background colour to red with 14 days to go so you have a visual reminder also just to be safe….literally!

Q: What are Bookings?
A: Within each car you have the option to add bookings. So if you book an MOT for example you can add a date and time within bookings and it will appear in the Alerts tab under the appropriate vehicle. The entry in the app alerts page will appear red at 14 days to go and will ping you a reminder 1 hour before the booking.

Q: In the alerts area I see a list of my cars again….what happens in this area?
A: This is where ALL car reminders are listed in chronological order (that’s easy for you to say!)…i.e. in the order that they will need done. This is great for planning ahead….nothing worse when 3 MOT’s happen in the same month without prior notice…believe me I know ?

Facebook and Twitter

Q: What are the Facebook and Twitter buttons on main screen for?
A: iPetrolhead HQ really want to build a global community and you can join that community with the tap of an icon! We really want this app to be a global success so we can reinvest to bring out more cool features and updates for you iPetrolheads! Spread the word and together lets make iPetrolhead the number 1 app in the world!

Q: Do I need a Facebook or Twitter account?
A: When you first tap the share icon you will be prompted….but yes….you will need Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Q: When would I use the maps part of the app?
A: This is a great part of the app. Here are just few examples…

Driving in a group such as during a car club run.

Heading to a wedding or something with friends in another car….you know the saying…’just follow me’….always ends up with losing one another…not any more!

Parents who want to keep track on their kids when they have borrowed the family car

If you break down and not sure where you are…maybe you could create a map group with the breakdown guy so he can find you easily?

Meeting a friend in a new city and you want to find one another easily with no directions required!!

Q: Will the maps function eat up battery percentage?
A: All location based apps eat a bit of battery...we suggest you plug in your car charger to keep your battery topped up! 


Q: I see you sell iPetrolhead gear on the app but it always appears to be out of stock?
A: That’s right….the gear is virtual just now but we are monitoring the number of clicks so when we bring out the ‘real gear’ then we should already know what gear you iPetrolheads want!

Q: Is there a back button in the gear area as I find it hard to get back to main list?
A: This is something we are looking at. If you tap any other button then tap gear again the list will be back. You can also zoom in and out to view the website content which you can browse around….or simply open the main website via your browser to view gear etc.


Q: My Dad doesn’t use his smart phone for apps but I think this could be a useful app for him…..can ‘old’ people use it?
A: Haha….sure you Dad isn’t that old! The main function of the app is the reminders which are really useful for anyone who has a smart phone and a vehicle! Why not gift the app to your Dad for Xmas/birthday via the app store to get him using this great app?!

Future updates and apps

Q: Does iPetrolhead have planned updates and other apps coming out?
A: We will roll out updates if we find ways of improving the app. A Turbo version is planned for the future but we are still considering what extra features should be in there…any ideas what you would like to see added?! We might have some free games attached to the brand also so keep an eye on the app stores for these!